Pet Oil Painting

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Pet Oil Painting

Order today a custom pencil pet portrait from ArtistClap to make it done by all our professional artists. We assure you with the best portrait cherishing your love towards your pets.

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How to order a handmade Pet Oil Painting

To get your pet oil portrait delivered to your doorstep by ArtistClap follow a few steps. Send us your pet’s best pictures. Our expert artists will prepare colorful oil paintings of pets with their best efforts. We care for your pets. We offer customization to make your portrait in your style, which is unique and wonderful. Keep ordering with ArtistClap and enjoy the cuteness of your pets. Decorate your living room with this cutest pet oil painting now. Grow your bonding with your pets strong!

  1. Choose the number of characters

In this step, choose the number of individuals or characters you want to be incorporated in the painting.

*The size of the canvas sheet increases proportionally with the increased number of characters.

  1. Choose the size

Select the size of the painting you desire.

  1. Upload the Images

Under this section upload the photos of which you want the portrait. You can upload the image while you are placing the order (recommend) or you can also skip that section and place the order without uploading it. Later you may send the images via email mentioning your order number.

*If you feel confused with multiple images then upload all the images so that our expert artists can help you by suggesting the best one for painting.

  1. Select the finishing options

Put here your desirable finishing options among Rolled or Framed. What you may expect is here:

Rolled- By choosing this option, you will get your portrait delivered in an Cardboard tube. It is beneficial to conserve for a long time without getting damaged.

Framed- The portrait comes in your favorite frame while you select this. You will get an option to choose the frame you like.

  1. Select the Shipping options

Majority of the time, you will receive the custom portrait within 10-15 days. However, in some case may expect delivery of your painting safely at your doorstep within 25-27 business days.

  1. Checkout

All set! Your painting has got its wings!

Now you can place the order via your preferred mode by paying total amount.

What kind of Customizations do We offer?

We offer the 2 following customization in your painting without any additional costs. You also get Unlimited Free Revisions of your preview and painting.

  1. Combine multiple characters from different images:

You need to upload at least one photo of each character to add all the characters of different images in a single portrait. You just need to explain your requirements in note sections while uploading multiple images.

  1. Customize the background with minor changes:

Do you want to replace the background of your image as you don’t like it?

You may utilize ArtistClap’s background replacement service by adding your favorite background to tailor your likings.

You just need to upload the photo of your desired background with a note explaining your requirements to get your painting with a replaced background. If you want any element of your photo not to be painted, our artists won’t do it.

If you face any kind of difficulties while placing the order, you may contact our team via the chat option you will find at the bottom corner or you may drop an email at



1 Character, 2 Characters, 3 Characters, 4 Characters, 5 Characters


12″ x 12″, 12″ x 16″, 16″ x 20″, 18″ x 24″, 20″ x 30″, 24″ x 36″, 30″ x 40″, 36″ x 48″, 48″ x 72″

125 reviews for Pet Oil Painting

  1. Amanda White (verified owner)

    ArtistClap’s custom portraits are a unique and special gift. I’ve ordered for family and friends, and they’re always a hit.

  2. Andrew Wilson (verified owner)

    Exceptional service and quality from ArtistClap. The portrait was beautifully crafted, and the communication throughout the process was excellent.

  3. Alexis Harris (verified owner)

    ArtistClap’s portraits make for truly special gifts. I’ve given them for weddings and birthdays, and they’re always well-received.

  4. Amanda White (verified owner)

    ArtistClap’s portraits are a unique and personal gift. I’ve ordered for friends and family, and the reactions are always heartwarming.

  5. Amber Jackson (verified owner)

    ArtistClap’s portraits are a beautiful way to celebrate special occasions. I’ve ordered for birthdays and anniversaries, and they never disappoint.

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